Electric car technology

In order to improve the thermal performance of electric car, quite apart from according to technological requirements, heater and boiler with mechanical forms, fuels and combustion equipment category, suitable stove smoke and so well designed outside the furnace structure, the need to control temperature, pressure, to automatically adjust the fuel and combustion air volume. Need to be specified: towards a furnace stove cannot rely on automatic control to achieve best performance, there should be strict operations management system.

Furnace stove works in a stable state, no periodic wall heat losses. Because with a preheating furnace in the furnace section, absorbed part of flue gas waste heat for cooling the workpiece, reducing the furnace flue gas temperature so that the furnace flue heat loss. Basic measures to improve heat efficiency is: continuous and full load as much as possible, to set the heater combustion air preheating and fuel to recover waste heat from flue gas using low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity of lightweight or super lightweight refractory material to reduce furnace wall storage, heat loss.