Filter type dust collector working principle

Is based on principle of filtering cartridge dust collector filter type dust removal equipment, organic fiber or inorganic fiber filter cloth dust filter of gas out.

⑴ gravity settling--dust into the filter when the filter, particles, heavy dust, settling down under the action of gravity, and exactly the same settlement.

B--light weight small thermal motion of dust (1 micron), air movement, is very close to the air flow, could bypass the fibers. But they were for the movement of heat (Brownian motion) after the gas molecules collide, will alter the direction of movement, this increases the access of dust and fibers, allowing dust to be captured. When the filter diameter is fine, open idle rate is smaller, the capture rate is higher, so more dust.

⑶ inertial force-gas flow flow filter material, around the fibres, while the larger dust particles under the action of load inertia force, still in the original direction of motion, then collided with the filter to be captured.

⑷ sieving effect – when the dust particle diameter is open between the fibers of the filter free or dust on the filter clearance between larger, dust in air-free smooth expired was resistance to stay, this is called a sieve. When the backlog of dust accumulate on the filter, which is more apparent.

Filter type dust collector used in sandblasting equipment, sand blasting equipment, used to capture non-bonded non-fibrous dust and volatiles, capturing up to 0.1 micron dust particles. However, when using it to deal with the water vapour gas, formed the condensation problem should be avoided. Filter dust has a very high efficiency, is trapping efficiency of fine grains of dust can also be up to 99%, and the efficiency ratio.

Structure and composition of filter dust collector: dust collector Hopper, into the exhaust duct, the filter room (middle and lower body), clean room, filter and frame (bag cage bone), air valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, pulse deashing mechanism, and so on.

Dust: dust-containing gas from the inlet into the middle box, from outside of the filter cartridge into the filter bag, dust was stopped at the outside of the cartridge, clean air into the bag, then by the upper part of the filter cartridge into the upper box, and finally by the exhaust pipe.

Cartridge dust collector is an integral part of sand blasting equipment and sandblasting equipment is mainly a large system, dust, sand, sorting, and so on. Jichuan machinery research and development cartridge dust collector is already industry-leading emissions standards have been significantly below the national emission standards for environmental protection.