Packaging machinery and equipment safety standards

1, packaging machinery in the obvious parts of the fixed signs, and indicates the machine or device necessary to function main technical parameters, such as: rated current and voltage, the rated pressure and temperature, and so on.

2 safety requirements for fluid power systems, packaging machinery shall comply with GB3766 requirements, safety requirements for pneumatic systems should comply with the provisions of GB7932.

3, packaging machinery-safety requirements for electrical equipment for relevant provisions shall conform to GB5226 standards.

4, packaging machinery can cause hazard of dangerous position to take appropriate safety measures. Relative motion of the parts, such as clamping, cutting, must ensure that the safety distances between moving parts in case of operator injury or cuts. Can cause hazard of equipment should be placed within the body as possible. Exposure of personal safety of rotating, moving or reciprocating parts of protective measures must be taken. Exposed location on the moving parts or projecting part must be smooth or imposed protective.

5, mechanical in operation are likely to loose parts must be a reliable protection against loose measure.

6, when packaging machinery, smoke exhaust waste. Should be equipped with appropriate devices in order to avoid hazards to operators.

7, one-way packing machine requires only motor rotation must be in the motor or in the proper position to make turning marks.

8, persons entering the work area when there is a greater risk, should set safety protection devices in the work. When the protective device packaging machinery when the entire work area isolation, the hazardous components in the workspace is not a separate protection devices. Protective devices should be set to ensure a safe distance from the workspace.

9, operation or the whole packaging machinery, should be provided with the relevant standard platform and ladder to a platform and guard rail, the corresponding device.

10, packaging machinery and institutions should have an interlock so that when failures occur the machine or equipment to stop working.

11, the package should be installed on the machine safety switch, in any case of emergency, press this switch that is able to stop, to prevent accidents from happening.

12, when the machines or equipment before entering the State, would remind all staff to leave the dangerous area of cases, packaging machinery alarm device should be installed.

13, should be clearly visible on the packaging machinery operation, lubrication, safety or warning signs. Safety colours and safety signs shall conform to the provisions of GB2893 and GB2894, and flags in the graphical symbols shall conform to the relevant standard or requirement.

14, safety of packaging machines operators should be on the operator and easy operation and control positions.

15, in flammable and explosive working environment of packaging machinery, protective measures for the mechanical and electrical installations should be reliable and complies with the relevant standard or requirement