Prolongation of service life

How to extend the life of paper tube machine users are very concerned about the problem, paper tube machine is the production of paper machines and equipment, extended service life, can save costs and create more benefits for the enterprise. So to do the following.

1. before using the paper tube machine, should be checked in detail the various parts, switch is good, whether the electric circuit of the electrical equipment insulation, screws cap screws are fastened, security guards, and so all parts.

2. when the paper, such as using the ventilation machine paper, paper tube machine cannot exceed 125 mm in height, and according to the dimensional requirements, with rail fastening. Machine only paper that it will not cut other plates, two or more operations, should cooperate with each other at work, paper tube reached down under the weight and the blade is not allowed to prevent the cut. Such as the use of special paper cutting machine, are not allowed to reach into the rotating shaft to prevent bruising;

3. all equipment must be responsible, make casual misappropriation of machine parts is strictly prohibited to place other items in the work, staff are also not allowed to leave the workplace during the operation;

4. when grinding, preventing the involvement of trousers paper axis; when adjusting the machine, pay attention to Emery wheels grinding hand.