Shell core machines, security considerations

1 this equipment operating without trained officers are permitted to operate this equipment.

2 in the automatic operation must be manually before idling.

3 switch on the front to check whether the moving parts in the Guide, but operator near. Do not put your tools and other debris on the device.

4 device in operation, are not allowed to touch moving parts and electrical components.

5 by external power interruption in the operation of the device suddenly stops working, disconnect power switch on the equipment so as not to cause danger to call back.

6 at equipment maintenance, inspection, adjustment, cleaning and other work. Cut off the main power supply and the compressed air valve.

7 in the maintenance, inspection, adjust the solenoid valve may not be restored to the original state after power on, ventilation to observe, and cause danger to avoid accidents.

8 equipment parts in the work, such as abnormal sound, odor and other anomalies should be immediately stopped. Check the idling test must be manually adjusted.

9 device work downtime must stop at the original location, and then cut off the power supply, the gas source.