Shot blasting machine setup and usage tips

1, host in place: hosts in the place of their level, degree of weight must be drawing requirements.

2, parts should be installed from the bottom up.

3, road, rail or hanging chain, roller type device should be induced within the perimeter.

4, the test should be part of the pre-test, normal and all working again.

Use tips:

1, in blast cleaning process should be more artifacts in the projection area, so as to increase cleaning efficiency and reduces the wear on boards, increasing its service life.

2, in the case of the workpiece cannot be increased, you should adjust the orientation, making steel pill projectile up to the projection on the workpiece, which also increases Panel life and reduce wear.

3, as follows:

① dedusting system gate around the tube should be adjusted so the wind distribution is reasonable, can enhance the effect.

II collector shall ensure regular cleaning.