Shot peening machine main uses

One. Pretreatment

Plating, painting, spraying, all were covering sand before processing, surface absolutely clean, while in large increase covering adhesion and corrosion resistance.

II. Clean up

Castings, stampings, welding, heat treatment and so on to the metal oxide, residue, dirt, non metal surface cleaning, ceramic surface black spot cleared of embryos and restore the paint patterns and so on.

III. Old renovated

Automobiles, motorcycles, electrical and mechanical equipment and refurbishment of all moving parts clean. While eliminating fatigue stress, prolong service life.

IV. Light decoration

All metal and non-metal products (plastics, Crystal, glass, etc) traces on the surface, and matte matte process, the surface improving grades.

V. Mold processing

Mold surface and the light mist in dealing with, graphic production, and mold clean up, it does not hurt and die surface to insure accuracy.

VI. Burr

Micro-machined parts small thorns removed, injection molded part overflow edges removed.

VII. Bad product rework

Side cover removal, surface removal of bad coloring and lettering.

VIII. Enhanced

Metal surface hardness, stress relief, such as leaves, spring, surface processing such as machine tools and weapons.

IX. Etch non-slip processing

Surface etching of metal and non-metal products designs, text and non-slip handle, such as marble, handle slide-proof, seals, stone carving and so on.

10. Jeans

Scrubs, white jeans reached and cat effect.