Swivel maintenance

Rotary Joint developed very rapidly in recent years, and there are many species, including high-speed rotary joint is one of the more common. Under special conditions, high speed and high pressure, on the performance of rotary joint test is very real, so wear and damage is inevitable. Now, introduce the maintenance of high-speed rotary joints.

1, connection: careful verification of high-speed pneumatic fittings specifications and accuracy to prevent the hollow shaft and rotating concentric deficiency occurs, meanwhile check the rotating body of the radial and axial accuracy, timely repair to avoid wear.

2, good maintenance: install filters on high speed paper machine and prevent dirt and silt into the friction surface, causing wear.

3, change the seal: high-speed running on the rotating joints to periodically check the seal ring wear, damage due to seal or seal wear.

4, rational use of lubricating oils, lubricants can effectively prevent friction of the shell to avoid sealing bearing damaged.

5, do not over working conditions, if you do need, be sure to communicate with manufacturers.