The principle of core shooting machine

Works with liquid or solid thermoset resin as the binder for core sand mixture into heated core box, sand core in hot core boxes soon hardened to a certain thickness (about 5~10 mm) be removed, the surface smooth, precise size high quality core product. Hot core box shell core machines compared with conventional core shooting machine has the following advantages: 1 high production efficiency: hot core box shell core machines working processes are sand and firm at the same time for completion, and hardening in hot core box immediately, a cycle of just more than 10 seconds to dozens of seconds, will be produced for the purpose of casting cores. 2 cores are of good quality: the shooting of any complexity cores, and precise dimensions, smooth surface, which can reduce machining allowances. 3 service equipment can save you a lot of cores and tools, such as core ovens, dryers, rodding, wax lines. 4 reduce the labor intensity, flexible operation portable, easy to learn, uses electric heating, temperature control, easy to keep clean, creating conditions for the mechanization and automation of core processes. 5 If the matching gas generating system, this machine can meet the requirements of cold box core.