Adjust The Seal Of The Rotary Joint

Rotary joint is a 360-degree rotation of the transmission medium sealing connector, commonly used rotary joint type with high-speed rotary joint, hydraulic rotary joint, high pressure rotary joint, multi-channel rotary joints, high temperature rotary joint and industry-specific rotary joint.

The use of rotating joints to keep the drum and the pipeline inside the clean, increase the filter can effectively prevent foreign body caused by abnormal wear, regular oiling to maintain good lubrication performance, and the reliability of the operation, take the rotary joint to gently, Impact; to regularly check the rotary joint sealing surface wear and thickness changes, 5 to 10mm for the normal wear and tear, once found three points intermittent scratches to be replaced.

Say a thousand thousand, the use of rotary joint to develop a good habit, to master the extension of the life of the tips of rotary joint, regular cleaning, equipment and rotary joint have to take care of each sliding surface, gear, oil hole, screw And other parts do not leak, do not leak, clean and tidy working environment, chip debris should be clean up; strict compliance with safe operating procedures, not overload operation, good use of maintenance work records.

Rotary joint are mainly composite seal and mechanical seal in two ways, we have to choose the appropriate circumstances according to the appropriate sealing method.

1. Working pressure, under normal circumstances, if the rotary joint working pressure is higher than 3MPa, the use of double-end balanced structure seal; pressure more than 15MPa, can be multi-level seal.

2. Working temperature, the temperature of the rotary joint medium is not higher than 80 ° C when the general mechanical seal can be applied; medium temperature higher than 150 ° C mechanical seal for high temperature sealing, the use of welded metal bellows structure.

3. The speed of the joint, the choice of high-speed rotary joint seal when the use of static seal.

4. The nature of the transmission medium, rotating connector transmission medium corrosive weak, the use of built-in seal; if the transmission medium corrosive strong, the choice of external seal.