Advantages And Disadvantages And Performance Of Three Kinds Of ​Rotary Joint

Rotary joint in accordance with the appearance of the material is roughly divided into cast iron, cast copper and cast steel three categories, the rest of the material are the three kinds of variation, the difference between the different materials of Desheng Desheng Xiaobian also said, and now all walks of life are Can be used to rotate the joints, we should use the actual situation according to the selection, Desheng Xiao Bian introduced the following three specific advantages and disadvantages of the material.

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Imported and domestic rotary joint in the material is also very different, such as Japan, the use of aluminum or copper alloy connector to do the shell, the domestic joint more use of brass casting, rotary joint seal material is also different, Imported joints using more silicon carbide, made of commonly used graphite seal ring.

Rotary joint internal material seal

Cast iron material of the rotary joint casting simple and convenient, low production cost is relatively easy to process, but easy to corrosion easy to wear; cast copper rotary joint casting simple and easy processing, high corrosion resistance costs, but the hardness is generally easy to deformation; and cast steel rotary joint Advantages High hardness and wear resistance, beautiful appearance, but the cost of cost-effective low; now imports of rotary joint and more use of cast steel.

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Different purposes of the rotary joint, due to the special requirements of the use of the environment will be differentiated by the material, high temperature rotary joint equipment used in the maximum temperature of about 300 degrees, higher than the use of temperature will affect the performance of the joint caused by thermal expansion deformation or even scrapped, Manufacturers of hot high-density resin materials, Europe and the United States and more use of impregnated graphite material, domestic rotary joint using graphite, two or three hundred temperatures or can cope with; high-pressure rotary joint shell with stainless steel, used in hydraulic equipment, Withstand high pressure; high-speed rotary joint due to the rapid operation will maintain a good lubrication, otherwise there will be damage caused by stuck, some rotary joint manufacturers will be added in the bearing high temperature butter can effectively reduce the stuck failure.

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Rotary joint are more material, such as pig iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and copper, aluminum, etc., sealing surface can be used according to the rotary joint design of ceramic, brass and other materials; rotary joint is moving, static equipment, media circulation Convert the connector, the seal in accordance with the shape of the ball can be sealed and sealed, spherical seal is currently on the market using the most extensive Q-type rotary joint; flat seal is the best use of high-speed rotary joint shape, to maintain a good balance, Pressure on the uniform, not affected by the external environment, but once the problem is difficult to repair and reuse; most of the rotary joint on the market using a flat seal and spherical seal combination, H-type rotary joint seal is spherical as an auxiliary seal, But also static seal; plane seal as the main seal, but also dynamic seal, which is currently recognized as the best seal form.