Application And Maintenance Of High Speed Rotary Joint

High-speed rotary joint, as the name suggests, is the high-speed operation of the rotary joint is currently recognized high speed refers to the rotary joint per minute more than 200 speed or more. But as technology continues to escalate. The speed of the equipment is getting higher and higher, the existing rotary joint products have been far from meeting the requirements of new equipment. Modern people have given another definition of high-speed swivel Rotary Joint, that is, more than 1000 revolutions per minute speed is called high-speed rotary joint.

To ensure that the rotary joint in high-speed operation will not be a problem. One is to use a good bearing. Bearing the choice to take into account two points. That is the cooling function and its own endurance. If the bearing can not withstand high speed, the other accessories no matter how good is no good Good bearing can solve their own heat problems, not high temperature when the phenomenon of stuck. The selection of the bearing and the elasticity of the bearing sleeve determine the bearing life. Remove the bearing itself, we can also work hard on butter and shell. Under normal circumstances the bearing is not lack of oil is not stuck. This looks like a little problem, but it can bring a fatal blow to the bearing. We can separate the bearings, the middle of a little more high temperature butter, butter is not high temperature, heat dissipation at high temperatures is not enough, resulting in the bearing itself is too high, so that the oil can not guarantee that the oil is not lack of oil. Also in the shell, we can drill a few holes, so that the bearing is always at normal temperature. But also to solve the high temperature of the bearing an effective way.

High-speed rotary joint to connect the various mechanical parts to support the equipment to run well, but in the actual use of the process of leakage is also extenuating, we must first know the reasons for leakage can do preventive measures, the specific circumstances of specific analysis, if the high-speed rotary joint use The time is not long there is a leak, may be the use of pressure is too large, caused by improper sealing, the general use of shaft seals and sealed with the seal or Gramley ring; work environment temperature or medium temperature is too high damage caused by seals, This is one of the common reasons, to use high-temperature seals; there is a high-speed rotary joint internal mechanical seal spring pressure caused by excessive damage to the graphite seal caused by leakage, Xiaobian here also suggest that we must according to their own reality Requirement Select the appropriate swivel connector.

As the rotary joint to carry out high-speed rotation, so in the usual to keep the Rotary Joint clean, do not have to do a good long-term anti-rust treatment, regular inspection of high-speed rotary joint sealing surface wear and find the problem in time to repair or replace the regular injection of clean oil Liquid, to keep the Rotary Joint of the lubrication, regardless of the process of storage or replacement should be gently, so as not to hit the damaged joint components, prohibit high-speed rotary joint for a long time to prohibit foreign matter into the joint inside.

To do the above, I believe we will be able to use high-speed rotary joint, even if the problem can be effectively and promptly be excluded.