Brief Description Of Hollow Shaft Installation Of Rotary Joint

The 21st century machinery manufacturing industry continues to introduce new, the same human machinery level technology is also getting higher and higher, so the rotary joints will be used in various fields, and has been widely used, but because nowadays some people understand the rotary joint only On the surface So for its application areas, deep-level concept of a detailed introduction:

The first point of the rotary joint is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and the application is also more and more widely, like some cylindrical or similar drum-shaped round-shaped dryer is often inseparable from the rotary joint adapter.

The second point of the printing industry requires a large number of rotary joint inputs because in the printing industry which are often inseparable from the drying equipment with the mixer and gravure printing press, and in the application of these devices are inseparable from the rotation then.

The third point in the paper industry, for the processing of paper are often inseparable from the dryer, steam ball and coating machine equipment which are inseparable from the use of rotary joints.

We according to their own needs to purchase rotary joints, buy back after the installation, the correct installation to ensure that the connector does not leak, many friends in accordance with the instructions to install, but after the installation or leakage, it is likely that the installation of hollow shaft problems , The following for everyone to talk about those neglected installation matters.

When the adapter is connected to the hollow shaft, make sure that the hollow shaft and the equipment are connected to a concentric, threaded connection and flange connection.

1. Hollow shaft and equipment when using the screw connection, the shaft under the wrench to tighten the force, does not allow the shell force, otherwise it will cause the sealing surface under strong pressure damage, resulting in leakage;

2. When connecting with flange connection, make sure that the outer diameter of the shaft head is concentric with the inner diameter of the device and install the static seal on the end of the hollow shaft. When the bolt of the flange is tightened with the equipment, To force evenly, drive the end of the hollow shaft to tighten the gasket, otherwise it will cause tilt, affecting the concentricity and flatness of the hollow shaft, resulting in the overall beating of the swivel joint, which affects the sealing effect.

Small rotary joints play an important role in all sectors of the industry can see the joint figure, only good quality, in line with the requirements of the rotary joint, is the normal operation of the machine a strong guarantee.