Central Swivel Joint To Add New Product, Competing In The Mechanical Wheel Excavator Market

In recent years, the domestic mechanical wheel excavator market has maintained a stable growth, even a few years ago the whole excavator market downturn, still a unique, stable growth.Mechanical wheel excavator main machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in shandong, fujian area, the current domestic annual sales reached more than ten thousand units.

This type of wheel excavation usually USES gas brake, so the matching central rotary joint needs to adapt to oil and gas mixing.In the market back usually exist oil leakage, leakage phenomenon.With the increase of market share year by year, this has become the main engine plant.Tengxuan learned from many years of technology accumulation in caterpillar excavating central rotary joint, after nearly two years of research and development, testing, the current launch of mechanical wheel excavating machine special central rotary joint product stability, to provide an effective solution for the market.

Tengxuan launched the McW11-8 central rotary joint with 11 channels, which is mainly used in wheel excavators with more than 7.5 tons. The oil passage and air passage are specially treated on the surface, and the rotary seal is customized and developed together with the sealing manufacturer for the special oil and gas mixing condition.At present, the test of this product in the main engine plant has exceeded 3000 hours, and the small batch verification has reached 2000 hours, with no fault. The reliability of the product has been verified by the data.

Tengxuan has been developing and producing rotary joints for 20 years, and has been committed to helping customers provide solutions.Since the launch of the central rotary joint in 2010 in the construction machinery industry of the main plant have been applied, the quality of stable, long life, cost-effective products, products favored by customers, and by customers friends praise.Product sales volume has maintained 2-3 times growth every year, which is the customer's trust in us, is the best proof of the recognition of tengxuan products.

We firmly believe that good products can win the market, we believe that tengxuan central rotary joint in the future will better service the construction machinery industry, tengxuan will also better service each of our customers.