Core Shooting Machine Instructions

1 device in operation the moving parts must be in its original location. Is as follows:

4.1.1 template in the opening position.

4.1.2 sand tube at rising and return location.

4.1.3 shooting in the closed position.

4.2 action sequence

Clamping cylinder into the mould sand tube cylinder clamping cylinder pressure shooting back exhaust pressure cylinder cylinder cylinder shooting head loosens sand certain combined solid mould cylinder push the top core-core cleanup

4.3 operational preparations

4.3.1 turn on the main power switch (power light is on) press the reset button, the moving parts back to the

Return to original position.

4.3.2 open the main valve for compressed air, drain the water separator. Add enough oil mist in oil, with adjustable pressure

Valves for compressed air pressure, the pressure reaches the 0.5-0.7MPa before they can work.

4.3.3 checking sand bucket filled with sand, or to add.

4.3.4 die heating: core heating should be at the beginning of each work. Manual operation mode after running the 1-3-core

Boxes in a collection mode. Heating temperature according to technological requirements, set a value between 200-260 selected.

4.3.5 checking for mold spray cans are available in the release agent, should be promptly added.

4.4 working mode selection

4.4.1 manual operation: manual operation is mainly used for checking, adjusting the functioning parts of the host. For

Automatic operation readiness. Can also be manually operated through the core process. Manual, Automatic rotary press

Button to go to the manual position (manual indicator lights) were flipping the buttons make the equipment all parts have the original position

Follow the sequence to complete core-making process.

4.4.2 automatic operation: automatic operation for a single week cycle.

Press Start button, the device in working order automatically cycle a week through the core process. Then press press

Button and move on to the next cycle.

4.5 emergency operation

Core shooting machine fails in the Autorun should immediately press the stop button to stop working. In the stopped state

Core boxes under continued heating, is whether the heating failure circumstances, decisions. Fault handling subsequent

Work to be continued, first press the stop button and then press the reset button to make the parts and return the original

Reset and then press the Start button to work.

4.6 stopping

4.6.1 temporarily shut down: If the operator to leave the machine, need to stop press the stop button. And then

Press the reset button to make the parts back to their original location. The mold closes with a manual. Mold remains

Heated State.

4.6.2 downtime and regular outage

Operator to shift tasks completed or need long term outages, you should do the following things:

A) turn off the main power supply

B) total airway close the intake valve and the valve of the gas tank. Opens the exhaust valve, ruled out pressure and water

C) if downtime needed cleaning up residual sand in sand bucket and shooting cartridges.