Correct Installation For High Speed Rotating Unions Of Machine Tools

The service life of the rotary joint is directly affected by whether the rotary joint is installed correctly.How to install the high-speed rotary joint of the machine tool, teng xuan will show you a detailed introduction today !

The inlet and outlet are always connected with metal hoses.Only after the swivel joint is connected to the metal hose can it be installed with the spindle (this applies to all self-supporting swivel joints, especially those with threaded connections and rotors), otherwise it will apply a force and load to the housing and reduce the life of the swivel joint.

Please confirm the following when installing the hose:

  • Hose not to bend (always with elbow)

  • Do not exceed the allowable bending radius; Exit shall not be installed upward

  • When mounted vertically, the rotor of the rotary joint must be mounted face down (otherwise, residual cooling lubricant may damage the sealing surface).

Setting Tool

  • Use a special tool, screw and rotate

  • Tighten the M5 screws on the joint ,the solid torque is 19Nm.

Connection of Inlet and Outlet

Please confirm that there is no additional load and tension before connecting the supply line.Lead the inlet pipe to the bottom to reduce liquid leakage and liquid residue in the pipe line during tool change.Always point the leakage lead to the bottom, no twisting.Under any circumstances, the leaking liquid must be removed and the leakage line must not have any backpressure and be kept absolutely clear.

The Installation of Tolerance

The following diagram shows a typical connection interface: version with threaded rotor and housing support with drive rod.Attention must be paid to these mounting dimensions.For dimensions not shown in this drawing, see the drawing or instructions.


The medium must be clean.Good filtration extends the life of all equipment components, including rotary sealing equipment.The G series has a filtration requirement of 50 microns.The pump on the machine usually also needs to meet this level of filtration requirements.

The above is the detailed high-speed rotary joint installation steps and matters needing attention, if you have any questions welcome to call 0510-68780670.