High Temperature Rotary Joint Temperature Depends On The Seal

In the use of high temperature rotary joint, pay special attention to the pressure and leakage problems, if the joints can not withstand the pressure of high temperature products such as product explosion or fuel injection accidents, ordinary connectors require transmission medium below 120 ℃, high temperature rotary joints in the transmission Heat conduction oil and other high-temperature medium, the heat-resistant temperature of 350 ℃.

Low - pressure high - temperature hot oil rotary joint physical map

In fact, the temperature of the high temperature rotary joint depends on the degree of heat resistance of each component, simply determined by the most heat-resistant parts, the joints should be 360 ° rotation, the middle must use the seal ring and gasket, these materials are Not heat-resistant material, although the rotary joint using the parameters of the surface heat-resistant temperature, Xiaobian or suggest that you better use this insurance is lower than this temperature.

Seal is an important part of high temperature rotary joint, not only anti-corrosion corrosion, but also has a shock absorption function, high temperature seals are generally non-brittle materials, high strength and accurate size, can also be customized according to customer requirements of various shapes and sizes, with good fire Insulation effect, because the rotary joints are widely used, but after all, consumables, we should pay attention to maintenance.

Keep the equipment and the high temperature rotary joint clean, especially the drum and pipe, do not have any impurities into the joint inside, usually in the rotary joint with observation holes, often check the inside of the joint is leaked, once found in a timely manner, do not sick work; To ensure that the joint bearing reliable operation, regular oiling, the joints can not be long-term idling, for a long time do not have to lead to internal rotation of the rotating joints, the next time to be activated when the attention, in the handling, storage process to gently, so as not to hit the damaged joint The