High Temperature Rotary Joint To Pay Attention To The Storage

Rotary joint of the size of a lot of specifications, the internal structure of a large difference, but the basic principle is almost the same, and the internal structure of the design of the device on the adaptability of the device yo, in other words is an important standard of good or bad; high temperature rotary joint is the biggest feature Transmission of hot oil or heat transfer oil, spherical seal design without oil bearing support, import dipped antimony ring unique anti-impurities and secondary seal design.

RYQS25 high temperature hot oil rotary joint physical map

High-temperature rotary joint are used in almost every processing and manufacturing industry, with independent piping inside, according to different work requirements to choose to maximize the effectiveness of rotary joint in the cylinder before loading the rotor, preferably in the sliding surface and seal Coated with butter and removed the burrs, notches, abrasive particles or other substances that may scratch the seal surface of the rotor and the sliding surface of the cylinder.

According to the work of the choice of high-temperature rotary joint connection, the device will not run the part of the long-term rust, so the next start before the start of the rotary joint filling lubricating oil, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect; high temperature rotary joint to select the length Moderate metal hose to connect, no media flow to avoid the joint idling; often clean the rotating joint tube, to prevent impurities into the joint damage to the internal equipment, only the correct use of storage, in order to extend the life of the rotary joint to reduce the occurrence of failure, Rotary joint are not afraid to use.