How To Avoid Wear Of Hydraulic Rotary Joint

Hydraulic rotary joint is also called high pressure rotary joint. In general, it is suitable for the working condition with relatively high hydraulic oil pressure, which is generally between 5MPa and 30MPa.Hydraulic rotary joints are widely used in metallurgy, machine tools, construction machinery and other industries.


If the hydraulic rotary joint leaks and fails to hold pressure, the equipment will not work properly.Leakage due to internal wear of rotary joints is very common during use.So why does the rotary joint wear out?It is usually manifested in the following three aspects:

  1. The hydraulic rotary joint with rolling bearing has not been filled with lubricating oil for a long time, and the failure of lubricating oil leads to dry friction between the rotor and stator of the rotary joint, thus accelerating the wear of the rotary joint。

  2. The cleanliness of hydraulic rotary joint is not clean, impurities enter the friction surface of the rotary joint, thus aggravating the wear of the sealing surface.Many industries have very high requirements on the cleanliness of hydraulic rotary joints. For example, the cleanliness of central rotary joints (a hydraulic rotary joint) in excavator industry is required to reach LEVEL NAS8, while that of wind power industry is even higher. The cleanliness of hydraulic slip rings is required to reach level NAS6, which is also the level of aviation parts。

  3. When the hydraulic rotary joint is connected with the equipment, it is not in accordance with the requirements, which leads to eccentricity. In the process of rotation, different parts of the hydraulic rotary joint bear uneven forces, thus accelerating the wear of the rotary joint.

Hydraulic rotary joint in the process of use, there will be a variety of other problems, leading to wear and tear of the rotary joint, here are just three of the common problems, we also look forward to more friends, for the use of rotary joint problems in the process of communication with us, we are sincerely willing to serve every user.