How To Change The Graphite Ring Of The High Temperature Rotay Joint

What is the graphite ring ? It is made of flexible graphite belt or flexible graphite packing, which is moulded into ring products of different sizes. Mainly suitable for hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange liquid, nitrogen, organic solvent, hydrocarbon, low temperature liquid and other media. Suitable working conditions: pressure (Mpa):25 temperature (℃):-200 ~ 850 linear speed (M /s):30 PH value :0 ~ 14 Graphite rings are divided into flexible graphite and carbon-graphite rings.Carbon-graphite rings are mainly used for sealing mechanical rotating parts. Rotary joints are mainly suitable for this type of graphite.It has high temperature resistance corrosion resistance and wear resistance characteristics.



Graphite ring wear, easy to cause high temperature rotary joint leakage phenomenon, when found graphite ring wear, how do we replace?Tengxuan technology reminds you to refer to the following steps, taking SC series thermal oil rotary joint as an example:

  1. Loosen the bolts on the end cover of the rotary joint and remove the end cover.When the end cover is taken, special attention should be paid to it. It is better to gently loosen the end cover with pressure installation equipment to prevent it from being stressed and prevent the rotating outer tube (rotor part) from popping out due to spring force.

  2. Remove the rotating outer tube. Gently remove the graphite ring along with the outer tube.

  3. Check the wear condition of the graphite ring, confirm that the graphite ring is seriously worn and need to replace the graphite ring, and check the end cover position and whether the oil-free bearing of the pressure spring is in good condition.

  4. Check whether there are scratches on the outer pipe and end cover and the connecting part with the graphite ring. If there are scratches, the outer pipe or end cover should be replaced.

  5. Check whether the spring is rusty, whether the elasticity is strong, if the spring elasticity is obviously weakened, you need to replace the spring.

  6. After the above inspection, if it is confirmed that the graphite ring needs to be replaced, the graphite ring and the corresponding appearance shall be put on the special grinding equipment for grinding.

  7. After grinding, the rotary joint can be reinstalled according to the disassembly steps

  8. Finally, dynamic pressure test is carried out on the installed high-temperature rotary joint, and no leakage is confirmed before the replacement work is completed.


Whether installation or disassembly, it is necessary to pay attention to the alignment of the high-temperature rotary joint, maintain good concentricity, and prevent leakage during use. Proper installation of the rotary joint is more important than use.If you still have unclear place, welcome to consult tengxuan technology at any time: 0510-68780670, we wholeheartedly for your service.