How To Choose Thermal Oil Rotary Joint In Non-woven Industry

How to choose the correct thermal oil rotary joint? The following picture shows a customer in the non-woven fabric industry. The imported equipment he used was matched with the products of an international famous brand.We advise the customer to take the rotary joint to our company for professional inspection.(as shown below)


After the disassembly test, it was found that the product adopted spherical seal, graphite bearing support, the joint had a good appearance, but the sealing surface was badly worn, so the customer was asked for the actual working condition, the customer's operating temperature was 220°C, and the speed was set at 200RPM, thus the main reason for the leakage of the rotary joint was found -- the wrong product selection.The current joint used by the customer is supported by graphite bearing, which can withstand high temperature, but the speed is limited, the 3-inch joint can not exceed 100RPM at most, while the customer USES 200RPM, so the sealing wear increases, which is more easy to leak.


In this situation, we recommend the BW type high speed thermal oil rotary joint to the customer. Please see the following characteristics of this hot rotary joint.

  • Use a flat seal design

  • High temperature resistant metal bearings instead of graphite bearings can run at higher speeds

  • Dual path support makes the operation more stable


    So choose the most suitable, is the best.Txuan has 20 years of experience in the rotary joint industry with the cooperation of many foreign industry experts.If you encounter problems when using rotary joint, welcome to communicate with us, we will be a professional service team to serve you!