How To Deal With The Leakage Of The Rotary Joint During In Use?

The water swivel joint needs to be maintained once or twice a year to extend its service life, avoid water leakage and maximize the benefits of customers in the process of use. How to deal with the leakage of the rotary joint in use?Next take you to show tengxuan technology efficient treatment of rotary joint leakage event.

The customer in Shanghai reported that the rotary joint was leaking. According to the leakage situation described by the customer, the after-sales staff of the company took the spare parts to the site for maintenance. The reason for the leakage was found to be the lack of maintenance.

1. The rust inside the housing causes the spring to get stuck.

The internal rust and scale of the rotating joint shell must be cleaned regularly, need regular maintenance and cleaning.

2. Sealing face abrasion

Long use will lead to wear of sealing surface, replacement of graphite ring, flat rubber pad, can prevent wear of graphite ring and gasket.

The above two points only need to clean the rust spot and scale, and only need to replace the graphite accessories. However, the water quality of the customer's site has not been softened. After using for a long time, the roller has water-like and flocculent characteristics, so the movable ring cannot be removed on the outer pipe, which brings difficulties in site maintenance. After communicating with the customer, the after-sales staff will bring the joint back to our company, replace the accessories, and make every effort in the maintenance process, so that the customer's production will not be affected, and finally won the customer's appreciation!


Tengxuan technology specializes in producing rotary joints for 20 years, not only providing professional and efficient after-sales service, one-to-one on-site guidance for installation, but also making users of rotary joints feel safe to use without any worries!

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