How To Maintain The Swivel Joint

The rotary joint probably is not as perfect as a new one after long time use, So we often need to do some maintenance to extend its service life, today we are going talk about how to maintain the rotary joint.

  1. A prolonged shutdown of the equipment will result in rust damage to the rotary joint, which will become stuck or leak when the machine is started.

  2. When the rotary shaft rotates, the concentricity is too low, it should stop operation immediately and be replaced in time to prevent accidents and injuries.

  3. The medium outlet of rotary joint must use hose, Txuan recommended to choose flexible metal bellows.

  4. If fittings (valve,filter) are needed at the outlet of the rotary joint, they can be added to the pipe at the back of the hose .

  5. Install a fixed support device to ensure the swivel is swinging.

  6. In the installation and design of the inner tube fixed rotary joint, attention should be paid to the inner tube and outer tube rotation, because there are left and right rotation.

  7. Select the matching rotary joint according to the working condition(such as Media, Size, Temperature, Speed, Connection type, Direction of rotation, etc )

  8. The inner tube of the rotary joint should be selected at an appropriate length, considering the weight and siphon effect of the rotary joint.

  9. When using threaded swivel joints, pay attention to the specification of the thread and the length of the shaft head.

  10. When the device is running without medium, do not run for long time.