How to keep hydraulic rotary joint clean

As we all know, the hydraulic system is like the heart of the machine, the requirements for cleanliness are very high. There is absolutely no burr, scrap iron, etc. No contaminants, such as hair, can be found in the hydraulic system.Hydraulic rotary joint, as a very critical part of the connection hydraulic system, by the main engine manufacturers attention, for a long time, the problem is also let the main engine factory suffering.

Tengxuan technology engaged in the rotary joint industry for 20 years, for many years in the hydraulic rotary joint research and development, pay attention to technical innovation and quality control. At present, the products are widely used in Metallurgy, Construction machinery, Ship and other industries, and have won the higher praise from customers. In order to control the cleanliness of products, we designed to remove large burr after machine processed, multistep cleaning before assembly, and all product inspection before delivery, so as to reach zero pollution source.

Removed the large burrs after machine processed.

Have professional deburring technology.

Remove all burrs visible to the eye.

Ultrasonic cleaning

High pressure jet cleaning machine

High pressure jet cleaning machine

Fully automatic assembly line production

Good environment and standard process

Product oil port clean, replace the plug after painting

Deliver the best products to customers

We must do every detail of the product to ensure that the cleanliness of each hydraulic rotary joint before delivery is up to standard.We use quality to build brand, to win the market recognition and customer trust!