How To Measure The Thread Size Of Rotary Joint

Rotary joint is a kind of closed rotary joint with 360° rotating conveying medium. It is mainly divided into two types: thread and flange connection. For example, SN type steam rotary joint can be connected to the customer's equipment through external thread.



It is very good to see the size of the thread on the drawing, are marked, from the rotary joint on the real resolution, can only be distinguished from the diameter of the thread, the following teng xuan to share the physical measurement method of the rotary joint thread.


Q: How to measure the diameter of thread with vernier caliper

 R: The gap of metric thread coarse teeth is 1.5mm, the gap of metric thread fine teeth is 0.8mm, and the gap of inch thread coarse teeth (for printing and dyeing) is 2.2mm.Generally, the thread of rotary joint is coarse teeth, which have good trip strength and are suitable for corrosion and wear, and easy to install and remove.


Q: How to use the thread gauge to measure the thread pitch, according to the pitch to determine which thread?

R: The rotary joint has two threads, one is straight pipe thread, the other is tapered pipe thread.Straight pipe thread is that the two ends of the thread are the same size, taper pipe thread is small at one end and large at the other end.The difference between them lies in the advantages of straight pipe threads, which can be completely loaded into the thread. Some equipment requiring high concentricity generally adopts straight pipe threads.The advantage of tapered pipe threads is that they are easier to fit in. Although they cannot be fully threaded, the tightness of the thread can be adjusted as well.


If we don't have a professional measuring instrument, we can find a piece of white paper, press the thread of the rotary joint on the white paper as hard as possible, press it into print, and then use calipers to measure the approximate size.

These are the thread dimensions and measuring points of rotary joints, have you learned?This is what you need to know before you buy, more selection questions welcome users to consult Txuan at any time, we will answer the relevant questions for you, and provide you with system solutions.