Tengxuan Classification and application of multi - channel rotary joint

Multi-channel swivel joint refers to two or more swivel joints with inlet and outlet.Multi-channel rotary joint has two precision bearings, lasting operation, smooth connection, strong wear resistance, small friction coefficient, can be operated at high speed.Multi-channel series rotary joints can meet the needs of various products at home and abroad, the fluid medium is water, steam, oil, air, vacuum cutting fluid, toluene and other chemical solvents.According to the working conditions can choose the side or back end access to the joint connection mode, transmission medium entrance, etc.

Multi-channel rotary joint product adopts integral system design, fully imported high-precision bearing support, internal use of super wear resistant material seal, it has a small mass, light weight, stable turning moment, not affected by pressure and temperature changes, after a long time placed, the rotary force is not affected.

Multi-channel rotary joint specific classification:

1, hydraulic multi-channel rotary joint: the joint is designed with 4 independent holes, used in the rotating platform, can circulate and transmit water, hydraulic oil, gas and other media can be used for distribution slip ring, can transmit electricity, signal current.Hydraulic multi-channel rotary joints are widely used for rotating platform, circulating water, hydraulic oil, gas, etc.Maximum pressure: 40MPa, maximum temperature: 200℃, maximum speed: 400L/MIN.

2, low speed multi-channel rotary joint parameters: maximum pressure: 25MPa, maximum speed: 120L/MIN, maximum temperature: 200℃, suitable medium: hydraulic oil, water, air, oxygen, etc.High wear resistance, flexible rotation and strong supporting force.

3, low speed and high pressure multi-channel rotary joint, specially used for a variety of low speed and high pressure media, multi-channel equipment of a rotary joint, service in the processing center rotary table, hydraulic workstation, coiler, converter, packaging rotary table, hydraulic machinery and multi-channel high pressure controller and other equipment.Maximum speed: 400R/MIN. Temperature range: -30-80℃, maximum pressure: 21MPa, working medium: hydraulic oil, air and other fluid medium.

4, high speed and high pressure multi-channel rotary joint is specially used for high speed and high pressure multi-channel equipment, serving in the processing center rotating table, hydraulic workstation, coiler, wind turbine, centrifuge and multi-channel high pressure controller and other equipment.Maximum speed: 3000R/MIN, temperature range: -30-80℃, maximum pressure: 21MPa, working medium: hydraulic oil and other fluids.

Application fields of multi-channel rotary joints:

The multi-channel rotary joint has multiple holes, independent external Settings, and the number of diameter holes used varies for different environments.Is mainly used for paper making equipment, printing equipment, rubber equipment, special equipment for steel industry, chemical industry equipment, plastic equipment, oil exploration equipment, etc., rotating platform and rotating speed in the medium of the platform structure components, now automation equipment, automated testing equipment, aerospace equipment, automated robot, high-end domains such as solar equipment also has a wide range of applications.