Installation And Maintenance Of Wind Power Rotary Joint


Wind power rotary joint is applied in the wind power industry of hydraulic rotary joint. In the fan industry is often referred to as the hydraulic slip-ring. Its main function is to connect the hydraulic system to control the fan to relize the function of changing the propeller. The ML01R040F rotary joint produced by our company is mainly used in 3MW wind turbines.

1、Connection mode and notes

The ML01R040F wind swivel is connected to the main engine by bolts on the mounting flange. The actual working state of the rotating joint is rotationof the rotating shaft and housing stop (fixed state). The medium flows from the oil inlet to the oil outlet, and there is a small gap between the rotating shaft and the floating sleeve to ensure a  certain amount of leakage during the operation of the rotating joint, thus satisfying the working condition of the rotating joint. The floating sleeve has the radial compensation function in the working process, which can effectively compensate the radial error caused by the vibration of working conditions and machining.

2、Failures and Solutions

According to some common problems in the use of wind power rotary joint, we provide the cause analysis and specific solutions , as shown in the table below:

No.ProblemAnalysis reasonsolutions
1The pressure is too low

The friction gap becomes larger

Dissambled and check it

There is an oil leak on the surface

Shelf oil seal aging failure

Change the seal part

It speeds up more slowly as it turns

The friction surface appears the burning mark phenomenon or the bearing maintains the shelf damage

Dissambled and check it or change the bearing

Tengxuan has beeen working in the hydraulic rotary joint industry for more than 20 years and has been widely used in wind prower, engineering machinery, metallurgy and other industries. The company is equipped with pressure and leakage testing equipment for hydraulic rotary joint, which can effectively guarantee the product performance and quality of rotary joint. Meanwhile, the company also accept the rotary joint customization, welcome the majority of users to consultation and communication.

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