It Is Important For Routine Maintenance Of Hydraulic Rotary Joint

According to their own needs to choose the appropriate hydraulic rotary joint, do a clean job before installation, check the rotary joint specifications are correct models, parts are not missing parts, and then in accordance with the instructions to install the correct installation, after installation, but also on the hydraulic Rotary Joint for commissioning and routine maintenance.

After the hydraulic rotary joint is used for a period of time, the rotary joint is to be cleaned because the long-term working rotary joint will cause dirt and rust. If it is not used to deal with it, it will leak or even fail to work, oiling.

There is also a relatively easy to ignore the problem is to develop a sound testing system, and make a record, regularly check the hydraulic rotary joint seal wear, visual can be. Wear in the case of 5 ~ 10mm are normal wear and tear, but if there are three or more scratches, it is necessary to replace the seals and seals.

It is worth mentioning that: not only to the hydraulic rotary joint cleaning, but also pay attention to the cleaning of machinery and equipment, because the work of the operation, the liquid will produce precipitation, timely cleaning will extend the life of the machine, pay attention to, Parts to be unified do not arbitrarily discarded, the installation can not be installed properly installed, you can continue to use after installation.

The same time as the above-

This is what we do on the daily maintenance of hydraulic rotary joint to pay attention to the problem, we do not look down on these daily work, in the event of a major failure or accident, it is likely that these small details did not notice the resulting.