Machinery Industry Development Prospect

Information of social, mechanical industry not made change is no of, so I think, in future, mechanical industry not again stuck Yu single of mechanical engineering technology, but will and advanced of electronic control technology, and software engineering technology close of combined up, makes mechanical engineering real of information, intelligent of, agile of, put human from heavy of labor in the completely of liberation out, to to for more high-level of creative labor. There are two points I see in the news, is now the industry is trying to improve the flexibility of the equipment, that is, to enable the engineer to design out of process equipment and process more adaptable, able to adapt to the needs of a variety of products. Second, the degree of precision engineering, in people's minds, machinery and equipment are big and bulky, it is impossible to do precision work, but engineers are now studying the device's ultra-precision machining, micromachining, ultra high speed cutting and so on, should be up shortly, would also make the equipment more advanced features.

Again, for the machinery-related companies to do is to update the production policy, developing service thinking, in other words, different products for different market inputs, built on the same basic structure, and then modify the design later in the manufacturing process, which can make our products meet the needs of specific groups of customers, and service-oriented thinking is a product personalized, humanized.

Finally, and I think the most important point. In today's global environmental low-carbon sustainable development, machinery industry will move in this direction, either manufacturing or product design and manufacture of process equipment process should strive to be environmentally-friendly low emission, simplify processes, optimize the configuration.

April 2013 machinery industry consumption rose 3.89%, rose 19.68%, displayed when the period starts the better. Machinery industry electricity consumption growth in the manufacturing sector at the downstream level. April four energy-intensive manufacturing growth rate of electricity consumption per cent to 4.68%, instead of energy-intensive manufacturing sector rose by 7.76% per cent at 25.64%, in April, China's economy improves, non-energy-intensive manufacturing industries started the better.