Oven Versatility

Suitable for baking a chemical gas and food processing industries for baking goods, base plate stress removal, ink curing, drying of the paint film. Widely used in electronic, electrical, communications, plating, plastics, metals, chemicals, food, printing, pharmacy, PC boards, powder, impregnation, painting, glass, ceramics, wood building materials ... ... Precision of baking, drying, tempering, Preheat, stereotypes, and processing.


1, strong durable: as the electric heater is sealed inside the box, and little contact with the outside air, it can not easily be oxidation and corrosion.

2, heat cycles: bake object is heated evenly.

3, electrical control security is reliable: reasonable structure, large work area, full function, simple operation, maintenance easy, low noise, high reliability, low cost, low energy consumption, high production efficiency.

Working principle:

Recirculation air motors are used in horizontal circular ventilation, air circulation even more efficient. Air by circulating air motor (with switch) leads the wind wheel (diameter 230) through the heater, and the hot air out, and then to Wuhan oven Chamber via duct, then again the air intake duct air circulation, heating use. Ensure that the indoor temperature uniformity. When the door movement caused by temperature swings, this air circulation system to quickly restore the temperature value.