Rotary Joint Are Subjected To Higher Than The Packing Seal Structure

If two different friction materials are used on the rotary joint seal, then a material with a smaller value is more dangerous. Rotary joint operating temperature, in addition to the use at room temperature, the use of high temperature and low temperature conditions are also more exist. For most materials, only know their performance at room temperature, so to accurately calculate the maximum allowable temperature difference and high temperature resistance to thermal stress cracking is not possible.

As the temperature increases, the tensile strength and elasticity of the vast majority of the material are gradually reduced, and this also applies to the coefficient of thermal expansion and the lateral thermal expansion coefficient. For this reason, it is desirable to have an accurate measurement for a particular situation within the above temperature range. However, for many friction materials, their values vary greatly depending on the material selected at high temperatures. In order to initially evaluate the rotary joint friction material, it is usually sufficient to use the value obtained at room temperature.

The rotary joint of the mechanical seal has the following advantages compared to the rotary joint of the packing seal structure:

First of all, due to the vibration of the equipment and the swing of the hollow shaft to reduce the effect of the conventional soft dressing sealing; secondly, the conditions of use in industrial production become more and more harsh, in order to meet the safe and reliable production requirements, more and more tend to use mechanical seal structure Rotary joint. In addition to the rapid expansion of the scope of production automation, the use of mechanical seal structure of the rotary joint without maintenance, rotating joints to withstand the pressure, temperature and speed parameters are higher than the packing structure, and leakage loss is very small, so his sealing performance exceeded Packing seal structure.

The packing cost of the packing seal structure is lower than that of the rotary joint, but after installation and use, the packing cost of the packing seal is very high. Although the one-time purchase cost of the rotary joint is high, due to his long service life, the power of the friction loss is small , Save maintenance personnel, reduce or eliminate the number and time of serious downtime for forced leaks, so the total cost is still below the packing seal structure.

Rotary joints are also small in size, light in weight, easy to install and use; are sensitive to strong vibration and swing of equipment; prevent and reduce fluid leakage; save energy and fluid media and attract attention. In the improvement of environmental health, improve labor productivity is also of great significance.