Rotary Joint Cleaning Maintenance Method

Preferred, the need to import or domestic high-speed rotary joints, different standards of different raw materials prices are very different, of course, with the continuous development of the domestic rotary joint manufacturers can produce high-quality joints; Secondly, high-speed rotary joint Size, procurement staff is best to go to the workshop to see what is the machine equipment with the connector, through the model and size more simple and clear; Finally, to clear the transmission medium and temperature range, which is a physical factor, only clear these three Easy to handle, even if there is no standard spot, you can also design and production in accordance with the requirements, will be able to meet user needs.

Buy the right high-speed rotary joint is only the first step, should also be used in the process to improve the use of the cycle, because the rotary joint is the circulation of the media seal, if there is air or other pollutants into the easy wear joint seal, Buried safety hazards, but also pay attention to the use of rotating joints, pressure, temperature, medium, speed, etc., through the four elements of the parameters set high-speed rotary joint shell and seal, once exceeded the damage will damage the internal zero Parts cause leakage, and affect the use of rotary joints cycle.

High speed rotary joint advantages:

With the detachable structure, when the media is conveyed, the sealing parts of the rotary joint can be brought into contact with each other to achieve the sealing function, and the function of the rotary joint can be achieved. When the rotary joint is not conveying the medium, the sealing parts which are originally in contact can be separated, Dry friction, put an end to the temperature rise, to prevent the rapid friction of dry friction, greatly extending the product life.

Rotary Joint Cleaning Maintenance Method

First, often for the rotary joint cleaning maintenance, keep the internal clean circulation. When using the new machine, pay attention to the filter, to avoid damage to the rotary joint wear.

Second, if the machine does not run for a long time will be caused by rust on the rotating joints dirt, so that the accident will occur.

Third, should be regularly for the rotary joint refueling, in order to allow the normal operation of the machine.

Fourth, the liquid into the rotary joint, the temperature will gradually increase, so as to avoid an emergency.

5, regularly check the damaged parts of the rotating joints, such as the sealing surface damage, should pay attention to timely replacement.

Six, must pay attention to storage methods, to prohibit the collision, resulting in damage to the connector parts.

7, rotary joints need to be tightly packed to prevent debris from entering.

8, rotary joints do not add long-term lubricant, will reduce the service life of the joints.