Rotary Joint Considerations

Before you install the rotary joint, be sure to check and clear debris, scrap iron, heating the body to avoid a damaged rotary joint for a short time and siphon. Rotary joints under the detail from installation to use the following considerations.

1, the installation make sure to distinguish between left and right rotation thread, the rollers to Rotate clockwise, using l-female threaded swivel couplings, otherwise the same. Rotary couplings rotary axis for right-hand thread, fixing inner pipe threads are right-handed, whereas the same. Half ring flange connection any rotation direction.

2 entrance and exit, rotate the connector must use a sufficient length of hose connections hoses with Swivel connections well, don't let the hose when installing metal hose part of the force.

3, installed after hose with her hands shaking slightly as well.

4, due to the swivel seal friction pair in the operation will produce friction torque must be installed in the drilling turned to eliminate and avoid metal hose premature failure due to stress, but go and support proper Assembly is too tight, Rod diameters smaller than drilling 2mm, so as not to affect the freedom of swivel joint compensation.

5, Assembly rotate the lifting structure of RPM and load-bearing parts of the joint, and to adjust its housing and hollow shaft concentricity, prevent the Rotary joints installed shell shock swing and rotation.

6, after the installation, the entire rotating joints working in a range of free or sway joints during operation may make sealing rings are normally worn or broken;

7, the rotary joint work should be in a suspended state.

8, Rotary joints in the process of handling and installation, collision avoidance, no percussion, otherwise cause damage to the internal parts.