Rotary Joint The Maintenance Rules Used On New Equipment

Rotary joint itself is a consumable, with two or three years can be directly replaced, if you do not pay attention to conservation, short life or second, often affect the production of failure, whether it is new equipment or the use of new Rotary Joint, conservation work is very important, the first thing to do is clean.

New equipment and rotary joint need to start running at the beginning, but pay special attention to the drum and the pipeline inside the clean, it is best to add the filter in advance, or foreign matter will find abnormal wear and then use for some time because of media reasons there will be a lot of small Of the precipitation, you can continue to use, but if the machine for a long time to stop, it is necessary to clean the rotary joint and then use the device for a long time without rotating the inside of the Rotary Joint will be fouling or rust, it is best to stop when the connector properly removed; After the end can not relax the maintenance of the rotary joint, often check the sealing surface of the Rotary Joint wear and thickness changes, the normal wear and tear range is 5 to 10mm, see the friction trajectory, there are three intermittent or scratched, should immediately replace, Can not work sick.

Rotary joint is the transfer of media from the static system to the dynamic system of the connection transition device, their internal parts are precision parts, small coefficient of friction can be high-speed rotation, so in the equipment in a smooth and lasting operation.