Rotary Joint Used In Drying Machinery And Equipment

Drying machinery and equipment has been known to us, all industries can use drying equipment, such as wood drying, dehydrated vegetables drying, chicken production lines, etc., which use dry machinery and equipment can be used to a local parts, That is the rotary joint. Drying machinery and equipment generally use steam heating and heating oil heating in two ways, the corresponding will use the steam heating rotary joint and oil heating rotary joint.

Steam-heated rotary joint are also known as high-temperature steam rotary joint

Applicable medium: high temperature steam, hot water or hot water to form the steam

Maximum speed: 200 r / min

Working pressure: 25 kg

Working temperature: 250 degrees

Features: The use of spherical sealing structure, automatic self-aligning, automatic compensation, easy maintenance, no maintenance; for concentricity of the lower rotating equipment;

The shape of the product is plum-shaped and round two, and the drum connection with a threaded connection and flange connection.

Application: mainly used for papermaking dryer, corrugated board production line single-sided machine, chemical grinding machine, kneading machine, coating machine, dryer and other steam heating equipment.

Oil heating rotary joint alias Conductive oil rotary joint

Use parameters: temperature: 450 degrees below;

Pressure: 25 kg;

Applicable medium: heat transfer oil, superheated steam.

Speed: 200 rpm (low speed type), 500 rev / min (high speed type)


1, the use of double bearing support, concentricity higher, higher speed.

2, plus a filter device, so that the pipe rust, scaling and other impurities isolated in the seal, the seal is more stable.

3, two sealed ring seal, longer service life.

Applications: For leather machinery, non-woven machinery, aluminum-plastic plate machinery, tobacco package bronzing machinery, printing composite machinery, plastic sheet metal sheet machinery, food machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, chemical kneading machine, plastic calender, , Oil heating corrugated board production line, drying machinery, such as heat oil heating equipment.