Rotary Joint Withstand Temperature Range

Under normal circumstances, the rotary joint as a sealing connection device, requiring the use of joint temperature below 120 ℃, if there are special requirements, such as hot water, steam or heat oil and other high-temperature medium to use high temperature rotary joint, heat temperature can be achieved About 350 ℃.

Circulating water rotary joint physical map

Rotary joint are composed of many parts, the temperature range from the temperature of these parts to determine the heat, according to the lowest heat capacity of the parts to determine the ability to withstand high temperature rotary joint, rotary joint used seals, sealed Ring and so the majority of rubber or plastic materials, are not very high temperature, so the parameters are generally used in the rotary joint are marked on the use of temperature range, everyone in the use of rotary joint before the attention, try not to exceed this value.

The distribution of the rotary joint and the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder connected together, with the drum with the rotation, the distribution of shaft and non-rotating shell between the gap, the general cylinder cylinder and the gap between the piston and the corresponding, generally 0.05 -0.06mm or so, when the pressure inside the rotary joint gap pressure oil, resulting in static pressure oil film formed a sealed, constant pressure in the case of constant gap; rotary joint gap seal structure so that between the sliding surface is always good Of the static pressure oil film, the fixed parts and the rotating parts are not in contact, only the viscous fluid friction, in order to achieve the mechanical rotation of the long life of the seal.

Although the sliding surface of the mechanical rotary seal is lubricated by the oil film, the change in pressure causes occasional contact of the sliding surface, which causes the parts of the rotary joint to wear and the other particles with a diameter exceeding 0.005 mm will wear the sliding surface of the joint. , Rotary joint mechanical rotary seal should be surface hardened, the sliding surface carburizing can be more extended mechanical rotary seal operating life.