Rotating Joint Material Division

Rotary joint material is a lot of species, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, today to give you about.

Rotary joints in accordance with the appearance of material can be divided into cast iron, cast copper, cast steel and other three categories. Cast iron has the advantage of simple and convenient casting, low cost, easy processing; the disadvantage is not resistant to corrosion, easy to wear. The advantages of casting steel is simple casting, easy to process, but the cost is higher, but corrosion resistance, the disadvantage is difficult to master, easy to deformation; cast steel has the advantage of high hardness, wear and tear, the product looks beautiful, the disadvantage is High cost, cost-effective.

China's rotary joint development to the present but a short 20 years, but has become an indispensable part of China's equipment, almost all walks of life will use the rotary joint, the application is extremely wide, it can be said that the market is very wide. But sophisticated products still need to import, rely on imports, to meet the demand. Now the equipment technology is becoming more and more sophisticated development, if the domestic production can not meet this demand, will return to the future loss of the vast market, but also affect the progress of domestic equipment, so the modern rotary joint industry in order to always benefit unbeaten To the development of innovation, in order to truly open up a vast domestic market, but also to really strong and strong, but also to the development of talent,