Sand Blasting Machine Maintenance

1, starting transmission system checks are working properly, or is there a different sound appears, failed to check fault, stop the machine immediately repaired before they can run.

2, check the adequacy of reservoir sand in the sand box, must join the corresponding sand.

3, check the sandblasting gun, nozzle, the wear of the tube, tracheal, and immediately replaced if worn.

4, testing sand pressure gauge, gas gauge is working properly.

5, shut down trolley filter dust collector dust must be cleared.

Weekly maintenance

1, equipment cleaned of dust collector and filter cleaning

2, bearing, gear inspection

3, inspection of pressure valve, pressure regulating valve

Monthly maintenance

1, Lance nozzle: muscle-skin sheath of the gas nozzle need to regularly check and replaced on a regular basis and found damaged must be replaced immediately, otherwise the gas nozzle to be abrasive wear, even spray guns were damaged.

2, pipe and pipe required periodic inspection, check for wear. Sand pipes and pipe joints are connected closely, or Jet of sand, or less abrasive, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. If damage is serious, need a one-time replacement.

3, vibration sieve regularly check for fatigue damage, damage caused by vibration on various parts of the fuselage, need to add lubricant to the parts must be lubricated.

4, drive bearing: this machine is equipped with bearings and lubricated regularly.

5, gun swing mechanism: equipped with spray guns swing mechanism at the top hosts, including bearing and lubricated regularly.

6, reducer: the machine drive system equipped with gear reducers, turbine reducers before running into the butter, once every 500-1000 hours.