Structure And Configuration Of High Speed Rotary Joint

Although the emergence of high-speed rotary joint later than the rotary joint but with the development of scientific and technological progress, while enterprises in order to reduce costs, save energy, equipment speed, reduce staff procedures have become an inevitable way. Especially in industries where labor intensity is high. Rotary joint speed is a good thing, but it is also a technical problem.

The operating principle of the high-speed rotary joint is basically the same as that of the ordinary rotary joint. Using the international advanced end sealing technology (also known as plane seal). However, the common rotary joint hollow shaft is stainless steel, in the case of high temperature, stainless steel soft, resulting in the emergence of scratches on the end. So easy to enter the impurities and particles. Sealing effect is reduced. O-ring in the case of high temperature will be rigid. According to the results of the experiment and analysis, our research and development department in the hollow shaft head embedded silicon carbide ring, to solve the high temperature of stainless steel and high temperature softening problems. O-ring with Taiwan imported fluorine rubber, can guarantee a certain temperature does not aging. However, the general bearing in more than 100 ℃, the inside of the butter will not bear, melt dry, resulting in bearing rotation is not flexible, or even stuck phenomenon.

Finally, after comparison, we use high temperature butter, at 400 ℃ high temperature will not melt. Bearing we choose Sweden's high-temperature bearings SKF. This will not only solve the problem of oil melt outflow, have solved the problem of bearing stuck.

  My company after repeated trial and error, the internal structure of high-speed rotary joint has also been modified to make the structure more reasonable. For the spring after high temperature treatment, can guarantee the following 400 ℃ spring is not deformed, not weak, for high-speed operation provides a strong guarantee.