Teng Xuan Technology In One Minute To Take You To Understand The ML Series Of Hydraulic Rotary Joint

With the higher and higher requirement of production, many hydraulic equipment manufacturers have a stronger and stronger demand for high speed roll operation.This also brings a lot of trouble to the rotary joint manufacturers, hydraulic type of rotary joint, usually relatively high pressure, in high-speed operation, the temperature of hydraulic oil is easy to rise, so limited hydraulic rotary joint is difficult to achieve high-speed operation.

In order to adapt to the increasing new market demand, Tengxuan technology research and development team after several years of conquering, successfully developed a hydraulic rotary joint suitable for high speed and high pressure - ML series rotary joint.It can withstand up to 25Mpa high pressure;At the same time, it is also a high-speed rotating joint, under certain conditions, the highest speed can reach 3000RPM.This rotary joint is commonly used in hydraulic workstations, crimping machines, centrifuges, multi-channel high pressure controllers, etc.


The ML series high speed and high pressure rotary joints are designed with gap sealing. The fixed parts and rotating parts do not contact each other, only viscous fluid friction, and the leakage is controlled within a small range, and the leakage is led back to the oil tank.The rotary joint sealing structure has low rotating torque, special gap sealing structure, no friction heat generated during high-speed operation.Detachable bushing structure design reduces maintenance cost by 45%;Rotating torque is not affected by working pressure and temperature, etc.

Teng xuan has been studying in the rotary joint industry, enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.In recent years, Tengxuan technology established a research and development center, insight into the new market demand, rotating joint products constantly update, upgrade, the company is committed to providing customers with better quality products and better services.