Tengxuan Company Thank You All The Way Together And Create A Better Future

On January 15, 2020, the  annual meeting of tengxuan technology was grandly held in xiangmei international hotel. Mr. Li jisuo, chairman of tengxuan company, and Ms. Chen quping, vice chairman of tengxuan company, gathered with the senior management team and all employees of the company to talk about the beautiful new vision for the New Year.

Party hosted by the vice general manager Chen Yichang, the whole party was divided into three parts, the first in 2019 by lee do summary and outlook in the New Year in 2020, lee high affirmation and praise for everyone to seize new opportunities in 2019, in the face of market competition, all staff of hard work, the company in general machinery, engineering machinery, military industry business has achieved good results, three ways results continue to maintain rapid growth, especially the engineering machinery, military industry business for nearly three years of cumulative growth rate of 50% or more;With the completion of the first phase of langxi plant, the company's production capacity will be greatly improved, and the annual output of rotating joints will reach 80,000 sets.In 2020, the company will continue to invest heavily in the introduction of equipment and excellent technical personnel, to lay a solid foundation for the future leapfrog development of tengxuan. At the same time, we hope that all the staff in the New Year unity, work together to achieve greater success!

In this festive day, we are full of passion, hard work, together towards a higher goal!Wish tengxuan company more brilliant tomorrow!