Tengxuan Is Yield Unusually Brilliant Results In 2019 India Paperex 、technical Seminar

From December 3 to 6 ,2019, tengxuan technology showed products and solutions of high-speed paper machine rotary joint and steam condensate system at Indian paperex and participated in the 2019 Indian international paper fair and paper making technology seminar held in new Delhi, India.

During the exhibition, tengxuan technology and Indian partner Annapurna jointly held a paper technology seminar, which invited dozens of enterprises from China, the United States, India, Thailand, Germany, Italy and other countries to participate in the conference to jointly discuss the new opportunities and new challenges in the development of the paper industry.Two experts from tengxuan company attended the meeting, foreign experts from the United States to share with you the solution of the steam condensate system, which aroused the resonance of the on-site customers;Teng xuan senior coating system experts this meeting to bring his latest research results in the coating system, has been recognized by customers and peers.


The seminar closely related to industry hot spots, on how to improve energy efficiency, production efficiency and product quality, we actively expressed views.Tengxuan technology, as the co-organizer of the seminar, Shared with you the latest high-speed paper machine applications such as rotary joint, steam condensate system and continuous enzyme starch conversion system.