Tengxuan Rotary Joint To Meet New Challenges And Forge Ahead With New Goals

Recently, tengxuan technology was invited to participate in the domestic famous excavator main machinery factory mountain reconstruction machine supplier annual meeting.The meeting led by deputy general manager penning, a group of three.The central swivel joint of tengxuan company is a key part of excavator, so tengxuan was specially invited to discuss how to break through the tight encirlements and seek new development in the current industry uncertainty.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of STRONG industry, mountain reconstruction machine has a high reputation in the excavating machine industry.2019 is an uncertain year for the construction machinery industry, and 2020 will face even greater challenges.The STRONG  reconstruction machine conference set a clear goal for the New Year: 10, 000.The explosive growth of excavator installation has greatly challenged the cooperation of many suppliers.At the meeting, tengxuan actively responded to the target of mountain reconstruction machine, and in response to the explosive growth of market demand, wuxi and langxi production bases made comprehensive arrangements for production plans, and the output of central rotary joint was expected to reach 50000 sets in 2020.