The Application And Advantages Of SC-O Type Thermal Oil Rotary Joint

Txuan SC type of hot oil rotary joint is suitable for the equipments such as Mill, Mixer , Hot Roller, Calender, Setting Machine, Extruder, etc.

The hot oil rotary joint is fixed to a end cover with a liquid channel at one end of the body,the other end of the body is fixed to  a hollow end cover, the rotatable pipe is connected in the hollow holes of the shell and end cover, the pipe of the outer tube is extended out from the end cover The medium enters the pipe above, and a sealing mechanism is arranged between the pipe and the body. The sealing mechanism of hot oil rotary joint includes  a anti-spherical ring and a spherical end cover, the sealing surface of the anti-spherical ring is a convex sphere, the sealing surface of the spherical end cover is a concave sphere, an anti-spherical ring is mounted outside the pipe and is attached to the side of a convex ring on the pipe. A spherical end cover is mounted outside the pipe and is fixed between the body and the end cover.

Advantages of SC type hot oil rotary joint:  the pipe is easy to be machined and the cost can be reduced. An anti-spherical  ring with a convex spherical sealing surface doubles the ability of the sphere to bear sealing pressure and its service life, preventing the sealing ring from breaking.