The Application Of Spring In Rotary Joint

The role of the spring in the rotary joint is to ensure that the friction of the close fit and dynamic and static ring wear compensation. Especially in the starting occasion, the spring force is an important factor to ensure the initial seal.

The spring tension does not change greatly throughout the entire working cycle of the rotary joint friction pair until it is completely worn, which requires the spring to have a certain rigidity.

The spring used in the rotary joint works primarily under dynamic loads. Therefore, the spring material has a high tensile strength limit, yield limit, elastic limit and fatigue limit, and requires a high impact toughness and shaping, in high temperature, low temperature, corrosive medium and other special conditions used in the spring, Requirements, but also requires a heat, corrosion, conductive, anti-magnetic, low temperature and constant elasticity and other properties. Therefore, the design of the spring, select the appropriate material is a highly technical work.

The working performance of the spring is required in the absence of shaping deformation of the case, can produce a larger elastic deformation savings of large deformation energy.