The Application Of The QGX Steam Rotary Joints In Paper Industry

QGX Steam Rotary Joints in Tengxuan Company is a customized high-end products in paper industry. It is mainly used in drying cylinder, paper rolling machine, coater, cold cylinder, paper guide cylinder, etc. The internal structure consists of elbow, end cover, housing, component, horizontal support pipe, seal ring and spring.


QGX Rotary Joints & Cantilever Stationary Syphon

Optimized balanced seal assembly

Pistion absorbs axial misalignment

Multi-spring assembly compensates for axial misalignment

Antimony-immersed seal package

Cantilever stationary syphon

Support tubestrenthens syphon assembly to maintain optimum syphon clearance

No maintenance required

Extended seal life and increased reliability

For high or moderate speed paper machine applications

This steam rotary joint is widely used in papermaking industry at home and abroad, including APP, Kowloon, lewen and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad.The picture above is the application site of jiangxi komei paper industry. We have won praise from our customers with our excellent quality and excellent service.