The Characteristics Of High Speed Rotary Joint Of Machine Shaft

G series rotary joints are specially developed for CNC, deep hole processing and automatic control and other applications of a fluid transmission products, its function is to be able to realize the fluid (gas or liquid) medium transmission from the pipeline to the rotating parts.


The characteristics of high speed rotary joint of machine shaft.

一、Balanced mechanical seal design

The greater the media pressure of the rotary joint, the friction, torque and wear of the sealing surface of the rotary joint will be greater, and the balanced mechanical seal can effectively keep the media pressure, elastic compensation and sealing surface pressure at the lowest, so as to reduce the wear of seals and extend their service life。

二、High precision parts processing

Rotary joint needs to bear high pressure and high speed, each part must have extremely high size and shape accuracy, ensure accurate fit, reduce the vibration of rotor in high-speed rotation, make rotary joint smooth operation。

三、Labyrinth seal and reasonable discharge port

Labyrinth seal can effectively prevent the liquid from entering the inner part of the rotary joint and discharge it through the drain port in time to avoid the failure of the rotary joint caused by liquid damage to the bearing.

四、Detachable device design

Most of the time, customers need to use the equipment in the absence of liquid flow, the release device is in the absence of media pressure to make the rotary joint sealing surface automatically off, to avoid the rotary joint due to dry operation caused by the sealing surface damage, and can be automatically closed when the pressure of the media.