The Importance Of Packaging Industry

Packaging material with each passing day. In addition to the traditional paper-plastic, glass, metal packaging, people have begun to explore the use of new raw materials packaging, plants began to go into the market. A few days ago. Japan printing company announced that it has developed using plant material the packing material with transparent evaporated barrier film "BiomatecIB-PET." and production started in September. Polyethylene film with the plant material "BiomatecPE" glue together, can be processed into water vapor and oxygen has excellent barrier properties of packaging materials, waste incineration emissions of the carbon dioxide produced when cuts up to 50%. breakthrough not only in raw materials, environmental benefits of more packaging is greatly increased.

Currently, China packaging industrial also save many not reasonable of at, that is, from products structure Shang see, simple, and original products more, processing and fine processing products less; general plastic packaging products by accounted for share larger, function sex packaging products development enough; heavy plastic packaging products light plastic packaging material, heavy equipment light technology, heavy production light research development; products replacement slow, led to plastic packaging products structure not reasonable, cannot completely adapted market needs changes. Second, enterprise structure, plastic packaging General small scale, low industrial concentration. Three are from the structural point of view, and packaging industries in the Western region is relatively backward, while the eastern part of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong, plastic packaging industry is very developed.

Future development of the packaging industry is not limited to packaging material for its own research and development and application, but also to work on the processing and packaging industry in China is still in the packaging chain as a whole and the more low level packaging technology, packaging industry in the future also need to radically adjust the industrial structure of sustainable development.

And raw materials in the packaging industry, packaging has not only limited to the protection of functional food, easy to transport, it has become one of the commodities of value growth, is important for improving merchandize. So that in the end markets, human nature and function of packaging enterprises are increasingly focused on packaging.