The Operation Process Of Core Shooting Machine

First, core-shooting machine operation:

1, remove obstacles impeding the core shooting machine equipment in good condition.

2, as stipulated in the lubrication of equipment lubrication.

3, check the fastening of core shooting machine key parts are fastened, if loose, must be fastened well.

5, check whether all the valve handle is in a stationary position.

6, open the compressed air valve, no-load test of core shooting machine. In this process, to check the body's movement is normal, check whether the pipeline valve leak.

Second, the process of core shooting machine in operation:

After starting 1, core-shooting machine, the operator shall not leave jobs, should focus on the ideas, processes, careful operation, but not allowed to operate the two valves.

2, constant attention to the functioning of core shooting machine, lubrication, or the fastener loose, or damaged parts, or pipe leakage, and other anomalies, should immediately stop processing and, if necessary, notify the maintenance staff repair.

3, in the production process, if core shooting machine shock weakness, or compaction weakness, clamped or weakness, or incapable, shall notify the maintenance staff overhaul.

4, keep the shock piston lubrication work regularly to blow sand from the piston, and then sprayed with oil.

5, cod box, no sand box model or the valve handle, so as not to damage the model, or malfunction.

6, in the production process, often clears and surrounding sand on the core shooting machine to prevent sand from entering the cylinder.

7, such as core-shooting machine accident, should immediately stop running, keep the site, inspection, analysis, report the relevant departments.

Third, after the end of work:

1, cleaning the site, clean up the core shooting machine and its surrounding sand and clean the equipment.

2, core-shooting machine on all the valve handle to the rest position, and close the compressed air valve.

3, core-shooting machine device and shall not be parked in sand or other objects around it.