The Wide Application Of Steam Rotary Joint

Steam rotary joint are widely used in many industries such as papermaking, packaging, chemical, rubber, plastic, textile, printing and dyeing, glass, starch, petroleum, medicine, washing, tobacco, drying, electricity and food.

Structural features:

This series of rotary joint in the H-based improvement, the use of balanced seal structure, with small size, light weight, small friction and so on. Special sealing material, so that a wider range of applications, easy maintenance, to ensure that under various conditions.

Product Selection Material: cast iron gray iron ductile iron 45 # steel ball

Conditions of Use:

Maximum speed: 300RPM; Maximum temperature: 260 ℃; Maximum pressure: 1.2Mpa

Use medium: coolant, hot water, cold water, low pressure steam, heat transfer oil.

Paper industry dedicated

The rotary joint for papermaking is made of Q-plane sealing structure. Automatic self-aligning, automatic compensation, suitable for speed is not high, coaxial degree of poor equipment. Its structure is simple, reliable sealing, no lubrication, is the application of a wide range of rotary joint.

The utility model discloses a steam rotary joint for use in a polypropylene film production line, which mainly solves the problem of the failure of the rotary joint inner tube and the rotating joint shell tail and the graphite ring. The joint includes a rotary joint inner tube and a rotary joint outer tube, the outer edge of the four wings of the inner joint of the rotary joint is provided with an external thread, the inner wall of the rotary joint outer tube is provided with an internal thread cooperating with the external thread, The joint inner tube and the rotary joint outer tube are fixed by the inner and outer threads. The utility model avoids the fluctuation of the roller temperature caused by the failure of the rotary joint, and effectively prolongs the service life of the rotary joint, thereby improving the production efficiency and the product quality of the production line.